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September 2nd, 2008, 9:02 pm

September 08- Life!

I've decided Fantasy Sky will continue (yes, there was some iffyness for a while). It may take a while to finish, but I don't want to sacrifice the story just so I can be happy and done with it XD Right now my goal is to update once a week, because I'm busy with other projects, starting art school, and being in a phase where I'm more interested in growing as an artist and storyteller than hanging on to crappy ideas I had in grade 8 XD

Fortunately, the part I'm currently working on in the story isn't TOO major (though it's fairly important...) and I've worked it through countless times. Rather than giving up on the comic, I'd rather work towards making it the best I can... even though it may take a while ^^; I hope you guys stick around, because things will be sure to get more interesting :)

That all being said, I'm still working on a second webcoming right now, called Broken (which can be seen at http://brokenmanga.smackjeeves.com ). It's based off the story of a friend of mine, so I hope you all check it out when the pages are up! :D
After Broken is finished, I have a new webcomic I'd like to start. It shouldn't be too long, and it's more... 'in the mood' of how I'm feeling at this point in my life right now, so I'll no doubt work harder than I do with Fantasy Sky.
I'm also working on a written story, whose progress has slowed an incredible amount since the beginning of last month XD

Sorry for the super long post, just thought you all should know :)

July 16th, 2008, 7:03 pm


I'm really sorry the updates are taking so long. I have a mental schedule in my head, but I keep screwing it up or forgetting about it XD I swear! So I rushed a page to be able to update today.
Next page will be Friday, then the next one probably on Sunday.

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